Ten Musicians Updating Electroacoustic Music for the 21st Century 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Electroacoustic music has a long, winding history that defies a quick summary. It began around the time John Cage realized—with 1939’s Imaginary Landscape No. 1—that you could use electronic audio equipment to manipulate the speed at which recorded tones were played back during a performance, and you could also pair those warped tones with pianos and other live instrumentation. That fusion of electric and live acoustics laid the foundations for electroacoustic music, and it has since mutated to incorporate elements of musique concrète, tape music, and electronic music, adapting faithfully to each new wave of technology.

It is, in other words, an ever-evolving reflection of the eras and environments in which it is created. The artists in this list are part of that evolution, redefining electroacoustic music using the latest technology and production techniques, transfiguring the underlying instrumentation in new and exciting ways. Of course, with so many musicians using electronic elements in their work, and with so much music now falling under the description of “electroacoustic,” it’s becoming increasingly difficult to detect where the “electro” ends and the “acoustic” begins. Here are 10 artists blurring that line.