Avant Scena Reviews

Craig Taborn (Prezens, at the Vortex (London) ...

Source: Avant Scena.

Dave Holland|Evan Parker|Craig Taborn|Ches Smith – “Uncharted Territories” (Dare 2 Records, 2018)

CP Unit|Chris Pitsiokos – “Silver Bullet In The Autumn Of Your Years” (Clean Feed, 2018)

Trio HLK – “Standard Time” (Ubuntu Music, 2018)

Chrysakis / Cundy / Schlechta / Volquartz – “Music for Two Organs & Two Bass Clarinets” (Aural Terrains, 2018)

Otherworld Ensemble – “Live at Malmitalo” (Edgetone Records, 2018)

Ronny Graupe|Laura Schuler|Alfred Vogel – “KWESTIA” (Boomslang Records, 2018)

Luís Vicente|Seppe Gebruers|Onno Govaert – “Live at Ljubljana” (Multikulti Project, 2018)


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