A Guide to Constellation Tatsu’s Wide-Ranging Experimental Cassette Music 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“Tatsu was the name of our cat. It was sort of a mascot, and it still is, as part of the logo,” says Steven Ramsey, who runs Oakland-based independent label Constellation Tatsu. The imprint has been in operation since 2012, releasing a wide range of experimental music on cassette tape and occasionally on vinyl, too.

In the past six years, the label has become a unique voice among U.S. cassette labels. The works the label releases range from contemplative ambient and dense drones to relaxing New Age, from imaginary industrial soundtracks to harp and koto improvisations. Artists from all over the globe contribute, and the resulting catalog (priced affordably at $20 for the lot on Bandcamp) is one you can spend days exploring.