15 Years of Avant Music News

Our 15-year anniversary came and went this last Sunday.

When I started Avant Music News, the major concerns included finding enough news to publish and keeping the software running. These days the software more or less runs itself, and the news finds us. So there’s that.

But the challenges (and these are very much first-world problems) are to filter through the embarrassment of riches that comes our way every day. And from these, find a handful of articles and items to write about. Since 2011, we have published close to 1000 reviews of albums and live performances. Not to mention over 27,000 articles in general.

Needless to say, on April 29, 2003, I did not expect the site to blossom in the humble way that it has.

Thanks go out to all of you – readers, contributors, and most importantly the musicians carving out their visions on recording mediums old and new. I have endless appreciation for all of you who work tirelessly for modest material rewards, all in the name of art.

I don’t know how long Avant Music News will continue, but 15 years is already beyond my most grandiose expectations. In the mean time, I hope this little site has turned a few ears and opened a few minds. Certainly, my ears have been turned and my mind has been opened more times than I can count.


2 thoughts on “15 Years of Avant Music News

  1. Happy 15th Anniversary, Mike — with heartfelt thanks for all the elbow grease and ingenuity you’ve lavished on this wonderful publication!



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