AMN Reviews: Dødsmaskin – Ingenting (2018; Cyclic Law)

This release of Ingenting is actually a re-issue of Dødsmaskin’s 2015 debut, which has been exceptionally difficult to obtain until now. Musically, it lands squarely between dark ambient, industrial, and acousmatic styles, with rumbling and grinding drones and noise walls. Split across five medium length tracks, these sounds would fit well into a soundtrack of a futuristic horror movie. Aske features an atmospheric drone with echoing metallic scraping and calls. Bionegativ explores a combination of softer and harsher drones coupled with unsettling soundscapes that resemble that of gigantic machines performing unspeakable tasks. The title track, on the other hand, is a softly menacing alien soundscape, with more than a few hints of danger in the endless twilight.

Dødsmaskin is not for everyone, especially those who don’t appreciate a heavy dose of harsh darkness in their evening drink. But for those who do, this re-issued gem comes highly recommended.