Musique Machine Reviews

Source: Musique Machine.

Haptic – Ten Years Under The Earth
Ten Years Under The Earth blends together elements of (mostly) pared back improv, acoustic industrial/ ritual texturing, organic dark ambience & field recordings. The single forty five minute track offered up here moves from the foreboding & eerier, to the building & atmospheric, onto the denser & (semi) noisy.

Nordvargr – Metempsychosis
Swedish industrial stalwart Nordvargr returns to the fold once again with his latest, Metempsychosis. His first on the revered Cyclic Law label, this brutal slab of grim, pounding, ritualistic industrial unleashes Nordvargr’s long distant, primitive past, and captures the raw emotion of the human condition. The struggle for survival is not always pretty, and the music on Metempsychosis revels in this grim, uphill battle.