Boat Burning, Chris Forsyth, and East Ghost in DC April 26

THU 4/26 at DC9 – Incendiary guitarist Chris Forsyth and his Solar Motel Band join DC’s BOAT BURNING and East Ghost for an evening of ferocious, luminous electric guitar.

Melding elements of classical music and punk, Boat Burning is a DC-based experimental music collective that plays “maximum minimalism,” an intricate hybrid of composition and improvisation where simple passages played by a host of guitars — sometimes 100 or more — produce shimmering towers of stacked harmonics. The result is majestic, powerful music that combines the panoramic sweep of classical with the sheer physical thrall of punk.
Boat Burning includes founder Andras Fekete, Norm Veenstra (TONE), Geordie Grindle (TEEN IDLES, TONE), , Jon Matis (DC Improvisers Collective (DCIC)), Robin Diamond (Triangle Rhysing: Music for Massed Guitars), and Mark Sherman.
Chris Forsyth is a lauded guitarist and composer whose work assimilates art-rock textures with vernacular American influences. Long active in underground circles, he’s recently released a string of acclaimed records of widescreen guitar rock, and in 2013, he assembled The Solar Motel Band, who have quickly developed a reputation as an incredible live act, provoking ecstatic comparisons to visionary artists such as Television, The Grateful Dead, Popol Vuh, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, and Richard Thompson.
From Washington DC, East Ghost combines influences of jazz, blues, ambient and melodic rock to explore themes of distance, distortion, and loss of connection. The band released their first EP “St. Elizabeths” in 2012, a single “Tobacco Teeth” in 2013, and an album “If I Sleep” in 2014. After a short haitus in 2016, East Ghost is back, with a new lineup and a noisier new sound.