Another Timbre New Releases

Taku Sugimoto

Source: Another Timbre.

Taku Sugimoto – ‘h’

An extended composition for two guitars, exquisitely played by Taku Sugimoto & Cristián Alvear, captured in concert at Ftarri in Tokyo in November 2017.

Early to Late
Jürg Frey ‘Late Silence’
Magnus Granberg ‘How Vain Are All Our Frail Delights’

Ensemble Grizzana play new works commissioned by Another Timbre, and premiered at the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2017.

Bruno Duplant
‘Chamber and Field Works 2015-2017’

Disc One: Three ensemble works played with great delicacy by the Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble

Disc Two: Taku Sugimoto plays ‘lEttEr to tAku’, a piece for solo guitar, recorded in a park in Tokyo with an extraordinary variety of environmental sounds

Clara de Asís – ‘Do Nothing’

Six solo works for guitar and percussion performed and played by Clara de Asís.