Steve Feigenbaum Interview

Source: Perfect Sound Forever covers Cuneiform label-head Feigenbaum.

Steve Feigenbaum has been involved in the world of independent and unorthodox music for the past forty years. Feigenbaum has earned a sterling reputation as a reclaimer of abandoned materials through Wayside Music, but his crowning achievement is often considered Cuneiform records, a label with outstanding releases all the way from archival materials from groups like Soft Machine and British jazz to various Rock in Opposition groups like Univers Zero to new sound rock groups and the “new” jazz community. Cuneiform was respected for its quality, but more significantly, for its consistency in paying its artists. Cuneiform releases were reviewed and recently one won an award in DownBeat, the longest-lived and most respected jazz periodical. Sadly, market realities forced Steve to cease Cuneiform new product releases; it was significant news that even made the national press. Perfect Sound Forever was fortunate to gain an interview to discuss Cuneiform and the realities of running a label that does not handle mainstream music.

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  1. Thanks so much for posting the Steve Feigenbaum interview. He’s an icon, and it is heartbreaking that “the business” has taken the turn it has . . . He’s a great guy.


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