Sound American 19 Coming Soon

Source: Sound American.

SA19: The PLACE Issue out on April 14th

For Sound American’s 19th issue, guest editors Null Point explore the work of unsung American composer and conceptualist David Dunn, especially his location-minded all day work, PLACE, which the group staged last year. The issue features in-depth analyses of both PLACE and an overview of Dunn’s phenomenal output. Null Point collaborators Colin Tucker and Ethan Hayden worked together to collect an incredible set of rigorous writings, interviews, and essays on one of America’s preeminent, but woefully underappreciated sound artists.

Contributors include: David Dunn, Colin Tucker, David Kant, Madison Heying, Sarah Hennies, and more!

SA19 goes live on April 14th. To kick off SA19: The PLACE Issue, Null Point’s Colin Tucker and Ethan Hayden will present a special talk/performance at Manhattan’s Fridman Gallery April 14th, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.