5049 Records Podcast Episode 155 – Robert Dick

Source: 5049 Records.

Robert Dick is a master flutist who has literally re-defined the language of his instrument. He was trained classically and studied with Henry Zlotnik, James Pappoutsakis, Julius Baker and Thomas Nyfenger. An active participant in the Downtown Scene of New York since the 70s, Robert has worked closely with artists like John Zorn, Ned Rothenberg, Ursel Schlicht, Herb Robertson and JD Parran. As an educator and author, he has contributed extensively to the advancement of contemporary flute techniques, most notably through the publication of his book “The Other Flute”. Robert has chartered an utterly unique musical path and on today’s talk we go back to the beginning. Enjoy.



March 31, 2018
Trigger, Barbès
Aaron Edgcomb Will Greene Simon Hanes Joe Moffett Sam Weinberg

March 26, 2018
Keisuke Matsuno, Dayeon Seok, Elias Stemeseder, Bushwick Music Series
Keisuke Matsuno Dayeon Seok Elias Stemeseder

March 26, 2018
Hans Tammen, David Rothenberg, Nicola Hein, Bushwick Music Series
Nicola Hein David Rothenberg Hans Tammen

March 29, 2018
Kanoko Nishi-Smith, John McCowen, Theresa Wong, Christian Kobi, The Stone
Christian Kobi John McCowen Kanoko Nishi-Smith Theresa Wong

March 30, 2018
Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen, Tom Blancarte, Carol Liebowitz, John Wagner, IBeam
Tom Blancarte Louise Dam Eckardt Jensen Carol Liebowitz John Wagner

March 26, 2018
Brian Drye & Jonathan Goldberger, Bushwick Music Series
Brian Drye Jonathan Goldberger

March 26, 2018
Bonnie Kane & Dave Miller, Bushwick Music Series
Bonnie Kane Dave Miller

March 26, 2018
Chloroform, Bushwick Music Series
John Loggia Aron Namenwirth Jon Panikkar Eric Plaks Yutaka Takahashi

Sound American 19 Coming Soon

Source: Sound American.

SA19: The PLACE Issue out on April 14th

For Sound American’s 19th issue, guest editors Null Point explore the work of unsung American composer and conceptualist David Dunn, especially his location-minded all day work, PLACE, which the group staged last year. The issue features in-depth analyses of both PLACE and an overview of Dunn’s phenomenal output. Null Point collaborators Colin Tucker and Ethan Hayden worked together to collect an incredible set of rigorous writings, interviews, and essays on one of America’s preeminent, but woefully underappreciated sound artists.

Contributors include: David Dunn, Colin Tucker, David Kant, Madison Heying, Sarah Hennies, and more!

SA19 goes live on April 14th. To kick off SA19: The PLACE Issue, Null Point’s Colin Tucker and Ethan Hayden will present a special talk/performance at Manhattan’s Fridman Gallery April 14th, 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 05/2018

English: Ab Baars with Ab Baars Trio at Club W...

Source: Taran’s Free Jazz Hour.

criss cross: alcyona mick, p/ tori freestone, ts, ss, fl

lifelike: Jeff Williams – drums Gonçalo Marquez – trumpet John O’Gallagher – alto saxophone Josh Arcoleo – tenor saxophone Kit Downes – piano Sam Lasserson – double bass

canzoni di primavera: ab baars, ts, cl, shakuhachi/ ig henneman, viola

and she speaks: ab baars solo on ts, cl, shakuhachi

james hall
lattice: james hall, tbn/ jamie baum, fl/ deanna witkowski, p/ tom di carlo, b/ allan mednard, dr

steve cohn – jimmy bennington
albany park: steve cohn, p, shakuhachi/ jimmy bennington, dr

bowie berlin & beyond: delta saxophone quartet

signals from the mind: david haney, p/ david bajda, g/ jorge hernaez, b/ julian priester, tbn

ah!: george khan, ts, ss, bari s, fl/ terry day, perc, as/ albert kovitz, cl/ peter lemer, p: frank flowers, b/ charlie hart, vln, el b

karyobin-spontaneous music ensemble: kenny wheeler, tpt, flghorn/ evan parker, ss/ derek bailey, g/ dave holland, b/ john stevens, perc

geode: gebhard ullmann, ts, bcl/ achim kaufmann, p

francois carrier
out of silence: françois carrier, as, chinese obeoe/ michel lambert, dr

The Best Jazz on Bandcamp: March 2018 

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

Like the first gorgeous days of warm sunny springtime weather, the music in today’s column is united around the theme of rebirth, with fresh new sounds that incorporate approaches and expressions that will still sound intimately familiar to anyone who has spent a life in jazz music. It can be argued that we truly are in a golden jazz age, and the artists in this month’s column are at the forefront.

Steve Feigenbaum Interview

Source: Perfect Sound Forever covers Cuneiform label-head Feigenbaum.

Steve Feigenbaum has been involved in the world of independent and unorthodox music for the past forty years. Feigenbaum has earned a sterling reputation as a reclaimer of abandoned materials through Wayside Music, but his crowning achievement is often considered Cuneiform records, a label with outstanding releases all the way from archival materials from groups like Soft Machine and British jazz to various Rock in Opposition groups like Univers Zero to new sound rock groups and the “new” jazz community. Cuneiform was respected for its quality, but more significantly, for its consistency in paying its artists. Cuneiform releases were reviewed and recently one won an award in DownBeat, the longest-lived and most respected jazz periodical. Sadly, market realities forced Steve to cease Cuneiform new product releases; it was significant news that even made the national press. Perfect Sound Forever was fortunate to gain an interview to discuss Cuneiform and the realities of running a label that does not handle mainstream music.