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Lucian Ban at Jazzy Spring 2007 Hierogliphycs ...

Source: Trinosophes.

Thursday, March 29: Ben Bennet/Michael Foster Duo, GRID, Betsy Soukup with Molly Jones

Join us for an evening of vanguard experimental music and performance. Percussionist Ben Bennett pairs up with experimental saxophonist Michael Foster for an intense and intimate duo with stage presence that blurs the line between music and performance art. Their recent release, “In It” (Astral Spirits, June 2017), has been characterized as music “with sense of vulnerability … that makes it feel alive and challenging. Both Foster and Bennett pushing each other to the edges of their comfort zones.” Previous performances by Bennet have demonstrated both his prodigious talent as a percussionist and his dead-pan but impish sense of humor as a performer.

GRID is a new project from saxophonist Matt Nelson, who is a member of the tenor sax quintet Battle Trance and the man behind one of our favorite solo electro-acoustic records of recent years, Lower Bottoms. He’s joined by Tim Dahl on bass and Nick Podgurski on drums. Despite the trio formation and the individual players’ backgrounds with jazz, the GRID sound takes the plunge toward the darker, heavier, and more psychedelic realms of improvised music. While undoubtedly harnessing the clamorous spirit of free jazz, the trio ventures beyond its acoustic borders, cleverly implementing electronic processing as well as dirge-like tempos that draw upon the slow-burning qualities of Doom and Sludge for inspiration.

Opening the show is the duo of Detroit creative music musicians Betsy Soukup and Molly Jones. Both musicians performer boundry-pushing music, whether in the form of song composition or improvisation. This will be their first appearance as a duo at Trinosophes.

Friday, March 30: Xylouris White

Xylouris White performs original and traditional compositions firmly rooted in the music of Crete. The band consists of Georgios Xylouris on the Cretan string-instrument laouto and vocals and Jim White on drum kit. Xylouris is known and loved by Cretans and Greeks at home and abroad and has been playing professionally from age 12. Jim White is an Australian drummer known and loved throughout the world as a member of Dirty Three and Venom P Stinger. For the last four years these two men have been performing louris White, the culmination of 25 years of friendship forged through music and place.

Tuesday, April 3: Peter Evans and Levy Lorenzo Duo

Levy Lorenzo and Peter Evans began performing duo in early 2016. They play a mix of piece composed individually for the duo as well as collaboratively composed pieces, all woven together with an intuitive, improvisatory approach. Their music is an otherworldly blur of dense rhythmic frameworks, elaborate notated pieces, open improvisation and weird drones. Lorenzo’s complex of self-built instruments, gongs, dry percussion, laptop and sound processing engage with Evans’ acoustic trumpet in a dialogue of noise, mystery, precision and chaos.


4/12: Something Holy (Alex Harding, Lucian Ban)

4/13: Circument

4/18: Rempis/Ochs/Johnston Trio