Nicolas Hodges in LA March 26

Source: Monday Evening Concerts.

Peter Ablinger – A Letter from Schoenberg [reading piece with player piano]
Brian Ferneyhough – Lemma-Icon-Epigram
Peter Ablinger – from Voices and Piano [piano and CD]
i. Angela Davis
ii. Lech Walesa
iii. Setzuko Hara
Rebecca Saunders – Mirror, mirror on the wall (intermission)
​Peter Ablinger – Deus Cantando (God, singing) [for computer-controlled piano and screened text]
James Clarke – Untitled No. 5
​Peter Ablinger – from Voices and Piano [piano and CD]
i. Forough Farrokhzad
ii. Pier Paolo Pasolini
iii. Bonnie Barnett
Rolf Riehm – Ciao, carissimo Claudio, or Die Steel Drums de San Marco (World premiere) [for piano and playback]

Nicolas Hodges, piano

Perhaps the greatest living pianist of the European avant-garde, Nicolas Hodges makes his solo recital debut in Los Angeles. His program alternates between canonized giants of high-modernism such as Brian Ferneyhough, Rebecca Saunders, and James Clarke, and works focused on the relationship between speech and instrumental sound by the Austrian composer Peter Ablinger.