Seaprog 2018 Festival Announced

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Source: Seaprog.

Seaprog’s fifth edition is scheduled to take place June 1-3 in Seattle. Lineup includes:

Cheer-Accident (Chicago) has been one of the most prominent American bands in avant rock for more than a decade, with roots in such pioneers as Henry Cow but a disarming sense of melody and a modern anything-goes attitude.

Carrying on the legacy of the mighty Sleepytime Gorilla Museum, Free Salamander Exhibit (Oakland) is a giant among genre-bending bands, straddling avant-metal, free jazz, modern classical, and more in their unique performances.

Bubblemath (Minneapolis) stand firmly among the best American progressive bands, bringing together tightly-arranged complexity and ambitious reach with a winking sense of humor.

Inner Ear Brigade’s (Oakland) unique music stretches boundaries and sweeps genres, fitting somewhere between jazz, experimental new music, and progressive rock.

Since their 2014 Seaprog appearance, The Mercury Tree (Portland) have been honing their style of adventurous rock music and bringing in microtonal sounds to create something truly unique, so we’re happy to give them an encore appearance on our stage.

Faun Fables is based in the Bay Area, but they occupy a realm far from the mundane world we live in; the duo presents a modern version of acid folk infused with a deep artistic sensibility that’s won them fans around the world. Seattle’s own Clearly Beloved is a band with a vision involving violins, unpredictable songs, and baking bread.

We’re excited to be presenting our first Vancouver band, Marching Mind, to represent that city’s rich cultural scene with a sound that combines classic prog and edgy ’90s rock.

Moraine played the very first Seaprog in 2013, but a lot has changed since then, with new personnel and new material, so they’re due a return engagement.

Other Northwest area artists we’ve enlisted include the Seattle Guitar Circle, Spontaneous Rex, Cantrip, Ocelot Omelet, and Himiko Cloud (Wenatchee).