Rise of the Machines at Convergence London, March 18

English: Barry Guy, Jazz bassist; Picture take...

Source: Convergence London.

Concerto for Drum Machine & Orchestra (2017) – *world premiere*
One movement composed by each of: Beni Giles, Laurence Osborn, Josephine Stephenson, Jo Thomas, Max de Wardener

Nick Ryan & John Matthias: Cortical Songs (2008)
A work for string ensemble and solo violin in which the orchestra is partially controlled by the neural patterns of a tiny computer brain. The resultant work takes the orchestra into an ethereal sound world of lush strings juxtaposed with the skittering crackles of neural activity.

Barry Guy: Mr Babbage is Coming to Dinner! (2015)
This piece was inspired by Charles Babbage’s Difference Engine No2 and was commissioned by the NMC. The graphic score hand-drawn and partially coloured by Barry Guy is a work of art in itself. It calls on spontaneity and improvisation from the orchestra.

Magnus Lindberg: Engine (1996)
The title of this piece is inspired by the computing language associated with using the Patchwork1 programme. “Engine” is a sort of generator of musical material, which operates according to the rules pre-established by the composer. The texture is composed by the machine, on which the composer imposes dozens of constraints2.