2018 MATA Festival Schedule

Source: 2018 MATA Festival.

Monday, April 2
Divine Mysteries
Ariadne Greif (soprano), Sarah Brailey (soprano), Miranda Cuckson (violin), Blair McMillen (piano), Russell Greenberg (percussion)
7PM at the The Church of the Epiphany, 1393 York Avenue (at 74th St), NYC, $25
Shawn Jaeger (USA): Thousands of Years to Make it What it Was (2015)
Lydia Winsor Brindamour (USA): pale, pale light (2015) NYP
Nico Muhly (USA): New work (2018) WP – MATA Alumni Commission
David M. Gordon (USA): Mysteria Incarnationis (2015) NYP

Monday, April 9
20th BIrthday Gala
Liminar and Friends of MATA
7PM at Paula Cooper Gallery, 534 W. 21 St., NYC
Lisa Bielawa (USA): Vireo Caprice (2015)
Samuel Cedillo (Mexico): Monologo III (2009)
Philip Glass (USA): 1 + 1 (1967)
Eleonor Sandresky (USA): Contemplation 1 (2007) – WP

Tuesday, April 10
Liminar: Out of Bounds
8PM at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., NYC; $25
Annie Gosfield (USA) New work (2018), WP – MATA Alumni Commission
Daniel Silliman (USA): New work (2018), WP – MATA Commission
Sergey Khismatov (Russia): D-Musik (2015), AP
Juro Kim Feliz (Philippines/Canada): Pangkur (2017), AP
Joe Bates (UK): A Noise So Loud (2017), WP
Carlos Iturralde (Mexico): Fata Morgana (2013/15)
Tania Rubio (Mexico): Siete Colores de la Luna (2012)

Wednesday, April 11
States of Union
Liminar + Friends of MATA
8PM at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., NYC; $25
David T. Little (USA): obscure clues and shiny objects (2018), WP – Alumni Commission
Hugo Morales Murgía (Mexico): Generador 1 (2013/18), WP – Revised version
Michael Winter (USA): Pedal, triangle machine, and (perhaps) coda (2010), NYP
Kristin Boussard (Sweden): Ecdysis (2013), AP
Sky Macklay (USA): Density Dancity (2016), NYP
Valentín Pelisch (Argentina): a Florence Foster Jenkins (2016), AP

Thursday, April 12
Bad Romance
Friends of MATA + Charlotte Mundy (soprano/actor) Ken Ueno, Du Yun, Erin Rogers
8PM at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., NYC; $25
Ken Ueno (USA): New work (2018), WP – Alumni Commission
Alessandro Perini (Italy): Canto di Lontananza (2013), AP
Bahaa el-Ansary (Egypt): Nightmare (2015), AP
Steven Whiteley (USA): [ ][ ][ ][ ][] (2014), AP
Chris Perren (Australia): Samurai Loops (2015), AP
Jenny Hettne (Sweden): While She Was Dreaming (2012), AP
Aaron Graham (USA/Canada): Old Voltage (2015), AP
Erin Rogers (USA): Light-on-Light (2018), WP – MATA Commission

Friday, April 13
MATA’s Greatest Hits
Sandbox Percussion, Friends of MATA, members of the Orquestra Experimental de Instrumentos Nativos, Face the Music, Vicky Chow (piano)
8PM at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., NYC; $25
Carlos Gutierrez Quiroga (Bolivia): Jintili (2012)
Randy Hostetler (USA): P(L)aces (1994)
Eric Wubbels (USA): Viola Quartet (2006-7)
Kate Moore (Australia/Netherlands): Sensitive Spot (2005)

Saturday, April 14
Contemporaneous: Stop Motion
8PM at The Kitchen, 512 W. 19th St., NYC; $25
Jennifer Higdon (USA): Dash (2018), WP new arrangement – Alumni Commission
Lasse D. Hansen (Denmark): Face the Music (2016), AP
Andreas Eduardo Frank (Germany/Switzerland): Samouraï Progressive (2016), NYP
Jenna Lyle (USA): Let them stop swaying; then there won’t be any wind (2018), WP – MATA Commission
David Kirkland Garner (USA): DwnByThRckyMntns (2016)
William Dougherty (USA): a stillness of zero sensation (2015)

Saturday, April 21
A Room of One’s Own: Nadia Botello’s Sono/Aqua
6:30pm–9:30pm at Imagine Swimming, 40 Harrison St., NYC; $25*