McCoy Tyner In The ’70s: Part 2

McCoy Tyner in 1973

Source: burning ambulance.

Echoes of a Friend is a solo disc, recorded in Japan on November 11, 1972. It includes two new original compositions, “The Discovery” and “Folks,” but they make up the second side. The first three pieces are all either written by John Coltrane or strongly associated with him—”Naima,” “Promise,” and the standard “My Favorite Things,” which the saxophonist, accompanied by Tyner, memorably stripped down to a vamp he could ride into eternity. With no other instruments to mix, producer Tetsuya Shimoda and engineer Tamaki Bekku can really let the piano swell and blossom, and it does; the relatively tinny, barrelhouse sound of Song for My Lady, also recorded in autumn 1972, is gone here, replaced with an instrument in full roar. The three Coltrane-associated tunes are delivered in a thunderous onslaught, with only a few brief seconds of silence to let the listener catch his/her breath, and the album’s second half commences with the nearly 18-minute “The Discovery.”