Taku Sugimoto, Minami Saeki, Mark Durgan, Luke Nickel, Josie Grounds in Bristol UK, April 2.

Taku Sugimoto

Source: Bang the Bore.

Taku Sugimoto & Minami Saeki (duo)
Mark Durgan (solo)
Luke Nickel & Josie Grounds (duo)

Rough Trade,
3 New Bridewell,
Nelson Street,
Bristol, BS1 2QD

Monday 2nd April 2018
Doors at 7.00, first act 8.15
£6.00 on the door

Taku Sugimoto is one of the world’s pre-eminent avant garde guitarists. Over the last quarter of a century he has been a pivotal figure in the Onkyō, free improvisation and now Wandelweiser scenes, amassing countless releases with countless collaborators, as well over twenty albums as a solo artist or bandleader. His current work is primarily composed, quiet, lyrical and transparent.

Minami Saeki is a singer, dancer and film actress from Nagasaki. She works in both experimental and pop music, with collaborators including Taku Sugimoto, Junichiro Tanaka, Wakana Ikeda, Masafumi Ezaki, Takashi Masubuchi, Manfred Werder, and Stefan Thut. Her filmography includes Village on the Village, Natsu no Musumetachi: Himegoto, and Ambiguous Places.

Mark Durgan has been active in the UK noise scene for thirty years, releasing records under his own name or as Putrefier for legendary labels such as Harbinger, RRRecords and Broken Flag. His music is carefully tactile, combining modular synths and homemade electronics with pressure-sensitive controls. Recurring collaborations include The New Blockaders, John Wall and Spoils & Relics.

Luke Nickel is an award-winning Canadian artist and researcher whose recently completed PhD focuses on the oral transmission of experimental composition. His work investigates notions of notation, re-performance, loss of fidelity, and memory. Collaborators include EXAUDI, James Saunders, the Bozzini Quartet, the Arnoflini Gallery, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

Josie Grounds is currently Bristol’s most diverse and unpredictable musician, capable of moving fluently between noise, wonky pop, stand-up comedy, improvisation, storytelling and DJing. Unifying these modes is her unerring feel for the absurd, subversive and fantastic. Other/former aliases include Himë Bangs, DJ Sarah Wilson, Twocsinak and An Unnecessarily Justified With.