Khost Interview


Khost create an an unnerving and physically imposing sound. They first came to my attention with the album Copper Lock Hell released on Cold Spring. It was a forceful release of mammoth and colossal doom chords, deep bass tones and cavernous textures woven with a distinctive use of ethnic samples, ethereal voices and location recordings of the city scape and its vacant spaces and abandoned buildings. Tracks such as ’14 Daggers’ and ‘Revelations Vultures Jackals Wolves’ from the following Corrosive Shroud album easily show the inventive nature and uniqueness of the khost sound with their use of ethereal and indigenous samples and strings. Elsewhere elements of industrial noise and free-jazz nestle beside experimental electronics, massive sound shudders and rhythmic clatter. Both albums, as well as their latest album Governance, are unrelenting in their brutal and unflinching power.