Shimmer by Riley Nicholson on Tour

Source: Riley Nicholson.

Shimmer is a 50-minute musical work by composer-pianist D. Riley Nicholson for piano and electronics. Riley is working closely with sound artist Zach Miley to record, sculpt, and create an interface suitable for live electro-acoustic performance.

Shimmer will be premiered by Riley alongside projected visuals created specifically for the event by artist Robby Gilson. Then, in March of 2018, Nicholson will tour Shimmer across the U.S.

Riley explores Shimmer as a highly personal verb. We are remembered by how we reflected the light around us. We didn’t create our light, but we do choose to spread and magnify it in a myriad of directions, choosing what to reflect, to absorb, to emit, and to deflect.

New York
MISE-EN_PLACE • March 20

Baltimore, MD
An Die Musik • March 22

Hot Springs, AR
Grand Avenue Methodist Church • March 27

Chicago, IL
Narloch Studio • March 30