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AMN Reviews: Firetail – Nylon (2018; Bandcamp)

Firetail is the endeavor of Andrea Vascellari, who recorded this 14-minute EP in one take earlier this month. Aptly titled, Nylon features just classical guitar, albeit heavily processed. The result is a set of three short drones. The source material for each can be discerned with careful listening – vibrating, rattling, and scraping of strings. But from there Vascellari uses delays to overlap tones into rolling waves of sound that ebb and flow. While minimalist in nature, Nylon encompasses both pastoral and mildly harsh moments. Vascellari is at his best when unleashes rapidly morphing walls of noise that demand the listener’s attention. Still, Nylon can be enjoyed on many levels, and the detail therein will reward those who are looking for immersive or observational musical experiences.