The Refined Experimentalism of Posh Isolation 

Source: Bandcamp Daily. Here is another label with a large number of releases that I’ve never heard of before. Its experimentation is a little different than the directions we usually go on AMN, but quite interesting nonetheless.

For the last nine years, and over the course of more than 200 releases, Copenhagen’s Posh Isolation—headed up by Christian Stadsgaard and Loke Rahbek—has been dedicated to supporting the underground, worldwide. “[Posh Isolation] was always global, since it began as a noise label,” says Stadsgaard. “It was an international community. We looked at people who did the same things that we were doing, in different countries. There were maybe a hundred people the label was oriented toward at first.” Though Stadsgaard uses the tag “noise” to shorthand their history, Posh Isolation has never sat entirely comfortably within that genre: its history is varied, and defies easy categorization.