Eraldo Bernocchi, FM Einheit and Jo Quail Interviewed About “Rosebud”

Source: Joel

As previously discussed on this site, London’s RareNoiseRecords has been responsible for releasing some of the most adventurous music of the past decade. One of the label’s most recent titles (and easily one of the most exhilarating albums of 2017), Rosebud, finds guitarist and RareNoise co-founder Eraldo Bernocchi joining forces with cellist Jo Quail and groundbreaking experimental percussionist FM Einheit.

Acquaintances since the ’80s, Bernocchi and Einheit first collaborated on music together on the Black Engine project with the Italian group Zu. Quail first came to the guitarist’s attention when he saw her perform on stage with Sol Invictus at a festival. In November 2016, the three artists gathered in London to create the six-song Rosebud.