Lea Bertucci in Halifax Tonight

Source: THE COAST. Bertucci is profiled ahead of her performance.

It would be a fallacy to call composer, sound designer and multi-instrumentalist Lea Bertucci merely a musician, because she’s so much more. “When people ask me what I do I say I’m an artist,” says Bertucci. “It can be misleading because I make music, but I like to call myself an artist who works with sound.”

The New York-based Bertucci, who recently released her first LP Metal Aether, is making a trip to Halifax this week to perform and discuss her artistry—and there’s a lot to discuss. In 2017 alone, Bertucci toured North America and Europe non-stop, partook in a series of residencies and published her first book, all while recording material for her debut, whch was released on February 9.