Keir Neuringer Interview

Source: Jazz Right Now.

Keir Neuringer is one of the most exciting saxophonists to emerge in recent years and has established himself through the release of a number of records, including his monumental solo recording, Ceremonies Out of the Air, on New Atlantis in 2014. His latest record comes from the collaborative project Irreversible Entanglements, together with Camae Ayewa (known as Moor Mother; poetry, vocals), Luke Stewart (bass), Aquiles Navarro (trumpet), and Tcheser Holmes (drums). This self-titled release on International Anthem and Don Giovanni Records was the #2 record on our Best of 2017 list, was recently reviewed on this site, and received considerable praise from other critics. Throughout his career, Neuringer has displayed as fierce a commitment to the technical mastery of his craft as he has to issues of justice. In this interview, I had the opportunity to delve into some of his lines of thinking about the new record, the possibilities of free jazz today, and its historical and contemporary legacies.