Buh Records Catalogs the Expansive World of Peruvian Avant-Garde Music

Source: Bandcamp Daily.

“I do not like genres,” says Luis Alvarado, a journalist, researcher, musician, and the founder of Buh Records, a label devoted to the diverse world of Peruvian experimental music. “I like to think that I publish music that goes against the current, which is against the hegemonic, and that is very personal. The music industry now likes to standardize everything, to make everything homogenous and classify it into genres. With the label, I always want to explore alternative ways.”

The word “buh” is translated loosely as “boo,” the sound a ghost makes, because, Alvarado says, he wanted to release music to “perturb or bewilder.” When Buh Records began in 2004, it was a boutique label, releasing 50 CD-R runs of albums put out by Alvarado’s friends or acquaintances. Over time, though, Alvarado began organizing independent label fairs and concerts, and writing about the new music scene for publications in Lima. By 2010 he was putting out professional releases, and Buh had begun to gain an international reputation in avant-garde circles. Alvarado realized a personal dream in November 2017 when he managed to bring the psychedelic experimental rock band Acid Mothers Temple to Peru for a series of concerts—and released an album by them on Buh.