Morton Subotnick: 50th Anniversary of Silver Apples of the Moon in LA, February 13

Silver Apples of the Moon (album)

Source: REDCAT.

Morton Subotnick, one of the most inventive minds in music, performs works that bookend 50 continuous years of avant-garde vision. Subotnick presides over his onstage studio, revisiting his 1967 technological and artistic masterpiece Silver Apples of the Moon live. A crucial milestone in electronic music, Silver Apples of the Moon was instantly iconic when it was released by Nonesuch Records 50 years ago, influencing generations of artists. Then, out of complete darkness emerges Crowds and Power, a media tone poem for voice, electronic sound and live imagery inspired by Elias Canetti’s troubling and eternally relevant book. Legendary vocalist Joan La Barbara, champion of the avant-garde, performs the central character and Berlin-based artist Lillevan provides a live visual environment.