Gutbucket at Kenyon College Reviewed

Source: The Kenyon Collegian.

The quartet immediately shook the audience with a loud, dissonant chord on a fast, steady beat delivered perfectly in time. Ty Citerman, the guitarist, dressed all in red to complement his guitar, worked through daunting counter-melodies. Ken Thompson, in muted blue and green, swayed vigorously with his saxophone to keep track of the aggressive and constantly shifting beat. Meanwhile, Adam Gold, in rock drummer’s flannel, efficiently switched mallets before continuing his nimble work. Between the three of them, Pat Swoboda, in concert white and black, channeled punk-level energy into an upright travel bass, plucking with vision-blurring speed and, when necessary, lifting himself off the ground for full effect. Toward the end of their set, concluding a piece fittingly titled “Exercise,” each quarter of Gutbucket relaxed into an exhausted breath.