Drummer Ben Perowsky’s Stone Residency

Source: The Stone Calendar.

Drummer Ben Perowsky will be the artist-in-residence at the Stone NYC (in its new location at The New School, 55 W 13th St ground floor) from March 13-17th.

3/13 Tuesday ​- ​8​:​30 pm​ – ​Camp Songs​ – ​Uri Caine (piano) Drew Gress (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)​ – “Camp Songs is a record that was released on John Zorn’s Tzadik label in 2003. It was voted in the JazzTimes Top 50 CDs that year. This was Uri’s trio for many years after we first played as a rhythm section on tour for Don Byron’s Bug Music and later recorded Uri’s “Live at the Village Vanguard”. Camp Songs is a collection of Jewish prayer songs I learned at summer camp in Harriman State Park in the 1970’s along with a bunch of kids mainly from Sheepshead Bay, Flatbush, and Canarsie. Uri and I were messing around during a soundcheck somewhere in Europe, when I realized that he knew all these melodies as well. We started improvising jazz versions of them on the spot. There’s a vocal version of Birkat Hamazon (the after meal prayer)…never performed live until….​”

3/14 Wednesday​ ​- ​8​:​30 pm​ – ​Moodswing Orchestra Analog​ – ​Charlie Burnham (violin) Ed Pastorini (piano) Oren Bloedow (bass, guitar) Ben Perowsky (drums, percussion, electronics) Special Guest— Jennifer Charles (vocals)​ – “Moodswing Orchestra has been a rotating group since its inception in 2000. This line up resembles some of the earlier, less electro based versions that led to self released “El Destructo I and II”. We’ll be playing some new music and some older songs that weren’t included on those records. I met bassist/guitarist, all around musician extraordinaire Oren Bloedow in the late 80’s on a blues gig at the Dan Lynch bar on 2nd ave. He has been a key component of all the MSO line ups. Along with his main collaborator in song, queen of all downtown divas, Jennifer Charles, he has co-led Elysian Fields for more than 20 years. I played most of their early gigs and recordings along with songwriter, pianist Ed Pastorini, who is often referred to as “underground legend”, “an almost mythical figure on the New York music scene, a reclusive genius”. Charlie Burnham, the extremely talented, unique, and ubiquitous violinist joins us for his first journey with MSO. Him and I have played in Steven Bernstein’s MTO for more than 15 years on countless performances, and 3 studio recordings. We also played and sang BGVs together on Joan As Police Woman’s highly acclaimed debut recording “Real Life”.​

3/15 Thursday – ​8​:​30 pm​ – ​David Tronzo, John Medeski, Ben Perowsky​ – ​
David Tronzo (guitar) John Medeski (keyboards) Ben Perowsky (drums, percussion, electronics)​ – “Medeski was one of the first people I met upon arriving in Boston after High School. I still remember the regular jam sessions in his small basement apartment at all hours of the night like it was yesterday. I’ve been so lucky to have played with him on many recordings and in so many diverse and always delightful playing situations. While a few of them have been trios i.e. Kilbasa with Dave Fiucznski, RedCred with Chris Speed, a recent trio with Steven Bernstein, this particular trio with the legendary slide guitar master David Tronzo, has never performed. This is miraculous to me as we have been such close knit friends and musical cohorts. Tronzo had me in his trio for many moons in the 90’s where we formed a close Crazy Glue type musical bond, possibly extending from countless Spanish Fly gigs/recordings (I was their semi-permanent special guest). Also, three Lounge Lizards in this group… just sayin’.”

3/16 Friday​ – ​8​:​30 pm​ – ​Tim Berne, Hank Roberts, David Torn, Ben Perowsky​ – ​
Tim Berne (alto saxophone) Hank Roberts (cello) David Torn (guitar, electronics) Ben Perowsky (drums, percussion, electronics)​ – “This is the only group in the residency that I feel is completely new for me, unexplored, and not necessarily my peers. But then again age is a strange and intangible thing. These guys I didn’t meet in my teens or play countless shows with. However I feel right at home whenever I get the chance to play with them. Possibly from having been so deeply influenced by shows I witnessed and/or records heard over and over again. Deeply honored to be playing in a band with 3 heroes and kindred spirits of mine. I could go on and on about each one of these sonic wizards, and would be happy to just lay out and listen. Will have my radar on full tilt for this occasion.​”

3/17 Saturday – ​8​:​30 pm​ – ​Ben Perowsky Quartet​ – ​Chris Speed (tenor Saxophone, clarinet) Ben Monder (guitar) Scott Colley (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)​ – “I first heard Chris Speed playing with a Dave Douglas group at BAM in the mid 90’s, immediately responding to his deep sense of fluid melodicism and intensity. Soon after we started playing in trio with my long time rhythm section compatriot Scott Colley, playing countless shows in our regular residence at the Knitting Factory, and recording the Ben Perowsky Trio as well as 2 tours to Europe. Scott and I met around 1988 when he arrived in NYC. We played at Augie’s (now Smoke) regularly with an assortment of players who went on to become a who’s who in contemporary Jazz, guitar monster Ben Monder being one of them. I met Ben during a break from school around 1985, when I brought home a couple friends whom I had been playing with often (Donny McCaslin), to show them around the NYC music scene and do some jamming. We did a session in my apt along with my father Frank and others.​”