All About Jazz Reviews

Drummer Whit Dickey performing at the world pr...

Source: All About Jazz.

Thomas Stronen
Lucas (ECM)

Sylvie Courvoisier
D’Agala (Intakt Records)

Matthew Shipp
Not Bound (For Tune)

Kjetil Mulelid Trio
Not Nearly Enough To Buy A House (Rune Grammofon)

Angles 9
Disappeared Behind the Sun (Clean Feed Records)

Tiger Trio
Unleashed (Rogue Art)

Stick Men Featuring Mel Collins
Roppongi (MoonJune Records)

Nick Fraser
Is Life Long? (Intakt Records)

Whit Dickey
Vessel in Orbit (AUM Fidelity)

Steve Reich
Pulse/Quartet (Nonesuch Records)

Jamie Saft
Solo a Genova (RareNoiseRecords)

Satoko Fujii
Satoko Fujii Solo (Libra Records)

Michael Adkins Quartet
Flaneur (Hat Hut Records)

Mario Pavone
Vertical (Clean Feed Records)