AMN Reviews: Giorgio Sancristoforo/OOME – Milanese Nwas [Acustronica AT056]

One of the more significant subgenres of contemporary electronic music comprises music created by generative processes. Generative music is just part of a larger systems aesthetics in which a work is produced by a system; in this case the system consists in the regular interactions of given sound-encoding inputs and the combinatorial rules or operations that process them into an output. The output is the work as we hear it. Such is the kind of music created by Milanese sound artist Giorgio Sancristoforo, whose new release is titled Milanese Nwas (“nwas” being a phonetic rendering of the French pronunciation of “noise”).

Sancristoforo, who releases music under the name OOME, is a sound designer and software programmer whose sonic works and installations have appeared in Italy, France, the UK and China. He’s created several widely-used music programs including Gleetchlab 1/2/3 and Gleetchplugs, and has written and directed a video series on electronic music. In addition to his solo work—which has included Audioscan MILANO, a sound-map of the city of Milan—he directs the Reihe Laptop Ensemble. A lot of technology, yes, but to judge from the experience of listening to Milanese Nwas, it’s technology as a means to artistry.

The tracks on Milanese Nwas are process pieces generated autonomously through Sancristoforo’s own custom-designed software, but what’s most striking about them isn’t their manner of composition, as interesting as that may be, but rather their sensory beauty. The surfaces are lush and made up of multiple, polytimbral voices that shimmer in unpredictable, quasi-chaotic patterns—the sonic analogue of the play of sunlight on water in motion. Harmonies fall in irregular but consonant cascades, complemented by asymmetrical, intricately-interlocked rhythms. As with some Baroque music the drama doesn’t lie in strong, single-line melody so much as in the interaction of complex, actively intersecting lines. These sonic worlds may have been machine-generated, but they reflect a very human delight in ornament and sensual stimulation.

Daniel Barbiero

AMN Picks of the Week: Kris Davis & Craig Taborn / African Ghost Valley & Billy Roisz / Psychic TV / Awkward Geisha & Galaxxu

Craig Taborn (Prezens, at the Vortex (London) ...

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

Kris Davis / Craig Taborn – Octopus (2018)
African Ghost Valley / Billy Roisz – Angry Ambient Artists Vol. 3 (2018)
Psychic TV – Kondole Dead Cat (2018)
Awkward Geisha / Galaxxu – Sea Shanties & Mariner Tales (2018)

Andrew Raffo Dewar at the Santa Monica Public Library, February 22

Source: Santa Monica Public Library.

On Thursday February 22, 2018, 2018 at 7:30PM, the Soundwaves new music series at the Santa Monica Public Library welcomes saxophonist and composer Andrew Raffo Dewar to the Martin Luther King Jr. Auditorium at the Main Library, 601 Santa Monica Blvd.

Dewar will perform and discuss his composition “Anabolism,” for soprano saxophone and live biofeedback electronics. In this piece, data from sensors monitoring the performer’s brainwaves and muscle movements is sent to a synthesizer, which interacts with the soloist based on both the sounds of the saxophone and on the performer’s physical and mental state.

Currently faculty at the University of Alabama, Dewar has studied and performed with Anthony Braxton, Andrea Centazzo, Bill Dixon, Steve Lacy, and Alvin Lucier, among other major composers and improvisers, and has published widely on experimental music.

Soundwaves is a concert series presenting artists who appear on the DRAM (Database of Recorded American Music) streaming service. The Santa Monica Public Library is the first public library to offer this service to its cardholders. Listings of past and upcoming Soundwaves shows as well as sound and video recordings are at

This Week in New York


The winter Pop-Up series kicks off with pianists Eric Huebner and Steven Beck. Together they take the stage for a program for two pianos featuring music by Ligeti, Reich, and Boulez.
Tuesday, January 23 at 6:00 PM
Miller Theatre, 2960 Broadway, New York, NY

The whisper opera, with words and music by Pulitzer Prize-winner David Lang and direction and design by Jim Findlay, is performed by the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE) with the musicians, singer, and audience enclosed in an intimate onstage set, and is performed almost entirely in whispers. Lang explores the question: “what if a piece were so quiet and so personal to the performers that you needed to be right next them or you would hear almost nothing. The only way this piece can be received is if you are there, in person, listening very closely.”
Wednesday, January 24 to Saturday, January 27 at 7:30 PM & Saturday, January 27 to Sunday, January 28 at 3:00 PM
Tickets $75
NYU Skirball, 566 LaGuardia Place, New York, NY

Maya Beiser and David Lang, with special guest actor Kate Valk, celebrate the release of their new Cantaloupe Music album, the day, with a live performance at Paula Cooper Gallery. The album, out on January 26, features David Lang’s new work for Maya, the day, paired with a new recording of his previous work for her, world to come.
Thursday, January 25 at 8:00 PM
Tickets $15
Paula Cooper Gallery, 534 West 21st Street, New York, NY

Julius EastmanJulius Eastman
A concert of music by Julius Eastman performed by the S.E.M. Ensemble with a performance by poet Tracie Morris and electronic musician Hprizm.
Thursday, January 25 at 8:00 PM
Tickets $20-$25
The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York, NY

The new concert series Shared Space kicks off with a concert of subtle but immersive electronic works, played in darkness, the audience lying down or sitting on pillows and blankets, fully giving in to listening. Music by: Ana Gnjatović, Assaf, Gidron, Cindy Giron, Douglas Farrand, Sam Sfirri, and Sohrab Motabar.
Friday, January 26 at 7:30 PM
Tickets $15, $10 students
MISE-EN_PLACE, 678 Hart Street, Brooklyn, NY

John Luther Adams
Andrea presents a solo recital featuring music by John Luther Adams, Elliot Cole, Salvatore Sciarrino, and Nicholas Deyoe, and premieres of works by Christopher Adler and Marga Richter.
Friday, January 26 at 8:00 PM
Tickets $15
Greenwich House Music School, 46 Barrow Street, New York, NY

This concert features one of Eastman’s earliest works—Thruway—in its New York City debut performed by the Arcana New Music Ensemble. The program also includes Eastman’s piece Buddha and performances by Moor Mother and Gerry Eastman.
Saturday, January 27 at 8:00 PM
Tickets $20-$25
The Kitchen, 512 West 19th Street, New York, NY

This concert held at The Knockdown Center feature three works by Julius Eastman from the late 1970s, each of which is scored for multiple instruments of the same kind.
Sunday, January 28 at 8:00 PM
Tickets $20-$25
Knockdown Center, 52-19 Flushing Ave, Maspeth, NY

All About Jazz Reviews

Drummer Whit Dickey performing at the world pr...

Source: All About Jazz.

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