AMN Reviews: Simon McCorry – Blue [Bandcamp]

With Blue, cellist Simon McCorry offers a kind of hypnotic chance music built up through the asynchronic layering of chord tones, interpolated pitches, and melodic fragments. On five of the nine tracks McCorry, who’s from Stroud, Gloucestershire in the UK, plays cello fed through looping devices and effects pedals; alternating between these performances are four electronic compositions constructed of manipulated recordings of the bells of Gloucester Cathedral.

On a number of the pieces, McCorry works a foundation of overlapping prolonged tones whose variable periodicities weave a gently rocking texture of real or implied harmonic movement. Forest, for example, begins as a drone but transitions to an alternating pair of chords over which McCurry plays an expansively serene melody. Similarly, the undulating, major-key harmonies of Light & Water anchor a refracted pentatonic melody liable to provoke a reverie in the listener. Invocation II is more unsettled harmonically and, in contrast to Light & Water, features a darker, slowly-paced polyphony in a minor mode. The abstract, metallic shimmering of the compositions for recorded bells provide an effective atmospheric offset to the cello pieces’ inherent melodiousness.

Daniel Barbiero

5049 Records Podcast Episode 145 – Chris Cochrane

Source: 5049 Records.

Chris Cochrane has been living and working in New York City since 1980. As a guitarist he has worked with artists like John Zorn, Zeena Parkins, Marc Ribot and virtually every other improviser to come through the Downtown scene in the last three decades. In addition to his musical output, Chris is active as a social worker, helping people from NYC’s impoverished neighborhoods navigate the ever confusing insurance system. He’s a great guy and has led a most singular path as a creative individual in the modern world. This conversation was a long time coming and is definitely one of my favorites in this whole series.

Experimental Saxophonist Mette Rasmussen Announces New Zealand Shows 

Source: Music News at Undertheradar.

Danish improvising saxophonist Mette Rasmussen is heading our way for special shows in Auckland and Wellington this January, in association with proponents of outsider sounds the Audio Foundation and End Of The Alphabet Records. Rasmussen has worked alongside a host of avant-garde international figureheads including Alan Silva, Chris Corsano, and Mats Gustafsson, for her first visit to Aotearoa she’ll be supported by a who’s-who of local experimental talent.

Thursday 18th January, 6:00pm, Parnell Train Station Underpass Tunnel, Auckland, with The Doll, Taekyung Seo/Rui Inaba (koha)
Friday 19th January, 8:00pm, Audio Foundation, with Snouts + The Unknown Rockstar*
Saturday 20th January 8:00pm, St Mary of the Angels Church, Boulcott St with Dick Whyte, Kieran Monaghan and Noel Meek*