Kuhn / Brown / Nordeson / Walton, January 14 in San Francisco

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Source: OutSound.

The SIMM Series is a bi-monthly music performance series curated by Outsound Presents and composer/improvisers/sound artists Rent Romnus and Bill Noertker since 2001. They have a reputation of excellence in bringing highly professional and truly adventurous music to the SF Bay Are that would not normally be heard or supported by mainstream presenters. They are filling a vital function to creative improvised music in California in much the same way that Arts For Arts/Vision Festival does on in NYC.

In their first concert of 2018 the offer an exciting night of music with the Peter Kuhn (clarinet, bass clarinet)– Chris Brown (piano)– Kjell Nordeson (drums and percussion)– Scott Walton (bass). This is a historic reunion for Kuhn and Brown who have a long musical friendship that dates back to the 70’in Santa Cruz, CA. On Peter’s return from NYC in the early 80’s they reconnected and formed an improvising trio with Peter’s childhood friend William Winant. As astute listeners will know, Brown and Winant went on to collaborate on a number of exciting projects over the years while Kuhn dropped off the scene to deal with a debilitating drug problem.

This concert is their first musical collaboration since 1977 when the Kuhn-Winant-Brown Trio shared a double bill with Charlie Haden-Nels Cline Duo at Miles Playhouse in Santa Monica, CA. While all the players are known to each other Kuhn is the catalyst in bringing this quartet together having collaborated with Scott Walton on a number of projects in recent years and recently performed with the amazing Kjell Nordeson in San Diego.

Best known for his early work the like of Frank Lowe, Billy Bang, William Parker and Toshinori Kondo in the heydays of the NYC Loft Scene, Kuhn has been preforming and recording with the likes of Alex Cline, Abbey Rader, Dave Sewelson, William Parker and his trio (Kyle Motl/Nathan Hubbard) since his return years ago. He has recordings available on Hat Hut, Soul Note, NoBusiness and two new releases on FMR Records.

Chris Brown, professor of music at Mills College is a pioneer composer, improviser, instrument maker that enjoys global fame and has recorded with Pauline Oliveras, Wadada Leo Smith, Butch Morris, Frank Gratowski/William Winant/Brown Trio, and others. He is involved with a number of electronic and acoustic projects that include The Hub and fuzzybunny and composes and perfiorms in an exciting mix of acoustic instruments, acoustic instruments with interactive electronics, improvisers and computer networks. His latest solo work “Six Primes” was released on New World Horizons

Kjell Nordeson is a Swedish composer, improviser who is currently dividing his time between San Diego and San Francisco. In 1986 Nordeson formed AALY Trio, together with fellow Swede Mats Gustafsson. AALY Trio became one of the leading groups in the Swedish experimental scene in the 90’s. While his work with Mats Gustafesson has brought him international acclaim in the Jazz community he enjoys equal notoriety in the academic and classical circles for his impeccable percussion work and compositions.

Scott Walton is a bassist and pianist whose music negotiates the terrain between jazz, free improvisation and the classical avant-garde. Active in a variety of ensembles he is well known to Bay Area jazz fans. He has recorded and performed with Vinny Golia, Bobby Bradford, Alex Cline, Michael Vlatkovich, Myra Melford, Nels Cline, and Cosmologic to name a few. He has a new release due out later this month on FMR with Kuhn, Alex Cline, Dave Sewelson and Dan Clucas called “Dependent Origination”.

7:45 PM the show opens with the Duo Jones Feona/Staiano Moe! Who will play on “prepared” conventional instruments in a mix of composition and improvisation bring unconventional sounds leading the listeners to the unexpected and new.

8:30PM Kuhn-Brown-Walton-Nordeson Quartet

SIMM Series January 14, 2018 at the Musicians Union Hall at 119 9th Street @ Mission, San Francisco, CA $10-$20 sliding scale