Avant Music News Top 10 Posts of 2017

English: Muhal Richard Abrams, moers festival 2009

This list is an estimate of the most popular posts of 2017, based on web traffic. It does not include shares, syndicated reads, and various other measures of popularity. Note that this list is necessarily biased toward albums released in the earlier part of the year.

    1. Avant Music News Best of 2016: Part II – Albums of the Year
    2. ECM’s Early Avant-Garde Recordings
    3. AMN Reviews: John Zorn – The Garden of Earthly Delights (2017; Tzadik)
    4. More on the Death of Ana-Maria Avram
    5. Avant Music News Best of the First Half of 2017
    6. Avant Music News Best of 2016: Part I – Honorable Mentions
    7. RIP Muhal Richard Abrams
    8. RIP Z’EV
    9. RIP Ana-Maria Avram
    10. AMN Reviews: Mary Halvorson Quartet – Paimon: The Book Of Angels Volume 32 (2017; Tzadik)