Avant Music News Top 10 Reviews of 2017

Yes, we write reviews. Quite a few of them actually, with over 750 published since 2011. This list is an estimate of the most popular reviews of 2017, based on web traffic. It does not include shares, syndicated reads, and various other measures of popularity.

Note that this list is necessarily biased toward albums released in the earlier part of the year.

  1. ECM’s Early Avant-Garde Recordings
  2. John Zorn – The Garden of Earthly Delights (2017; Tzadik)
  3. Mary Halvorson Quartet – Paimon: The Book Of Angels Volume 32 (2017; Tzadik)
  4. Dan Phillips’ Chicago Edge Ensemble – Decaying Orbit (2017)
  5. Revisiting Anthony Braxton’s Early Solo Saxophone Work
  6. Nicole Mitchell – Mandorla Awakening II: Emerging Worlds (2017; FPE Records)
  7. Kate Gentile – Mannequins (2017; Skirl Records)
  8. Jennie Gottschalk – Experimental Music Since 1970 [Bloomsbury: 2016]
  9. Matt Mitchell – A Pouting Grimace (2017; Pi Recordings)
  10. Magma – Emehntehtt-Re Trilogie DVD (2017; Seventh Records)

The District Now’s Jazzies 2017

Source: The District Now recommends a handful of musicians for “best of year” efforts.  Highlights include:

Luke Stewart

Never has this question had such an obvious answer. Stewart began the year as the subject of a Washington Post profile that viewed D.C.’s jazz and creative music scene through the lens of, well, him. He ended it with a weeklong residency at Rhizome, which also allowed him to spotlight his fellow travelers. Between those two benchmarks, he’s done a bit of everything, from performing with Wadada Leo Smith to touring with James Brandon Lewis to making (at least) two extraordinary and compelling records, as well as keeping CapitalBop’s lights on with a quarterly concert series. Vive le Luke, the artist of the year.

Sarah Hughes

On the subject of creative growth, wow. Hughes has sustained the most stunning arc in recent memory, and moments of that came in defiance of a nightmarish assault and theft earlier this year. Conceptually, technically, improvisationally, she is one step ahead of damn near all of us—keep your eye and ear on her.

2017 Best of Lists from Around the Web: Part IX

It’s that time again. We gather best-of-2017 lists from around the web and provide links here.

Sure, we haven’t reached the end of the year yet, but some intrepid individuals just cannot be held back. The AMN Best of 2017 is coming in early January. Stay tuned…

National Sawdust’s 10 memorable musical events of 2017.

National Sawdust’s Noteworthy recordings of 2017.

5 Against 4’s best of 2017 part I and part II.

Stone in Focus best ambient / drone of 2017.

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Cuneiform Records Artists on Tour

Source: Cuneiform Records.

February 16 – Sonia – 10 Brookline St – Cambridge, MA

January 26 – Les Murs du Son – La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland
January 27 – BeJazz Winterfestival – Bern, Switzerland
January 29 – Isebahnli – Baden, Switzerland
January 30 – Stadkirche – Darmstadt, Germany
January 31 – Kulturcafe Elbphilharmonie – Hamburg, Germany
February 2 – Donau 115 – Berlin, Germany
February 3 – Tangobrücke – Einbeck, Germany
February 4 – Hot Club – Gent, Belgium
February 5 – Kunstwekstatt am Hellweg – Bochum, Germany
February 7 – Wadin Jazz – Theater Ticino – Wädenswill, Switzerland
February 22 – Schatten Des Irrlichts – Humboldthain Club – Berlin, Bermany

February 9 – Cliff Bell’s – Detroit, Michigan
February 10 – Cliff Bell’s – Detroit, Michigan
February 11 – Live at Third Man Series Recording – Detroit, Michigan
February 13 – Blue Whale – Los Angeles, CA
February 20 – Willamette University – Salem, OR
February 21 – Jack London Revue – Portland, OR
February 28 – The Vortex – London, England

December 31 – The Falcon – 1348 Route 9W – Marlboro, NY 12542 [it’s an Ed Palermo New Years Eve!]
February 10 – The Falcon – 1348 Route 9W – Marlboro, NY 12542

January 6 – Gasswerk – Winterthur, Switzerland
January 19 – Eurosonic Festival – Groningen, The Netherlands
February 4 – One Of A Million Festival – Baden, Switzerland
February 9 – Palace – St Gallen, Switzerland
February 16 – Cinema Sil Plaz – Ilanz, Switzerland

January 17 – with Deerhoof – Winter Jazzfest – NYC, NY