All About Jazz Reviews

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...

Source: All About Jazz.

Haberdashery (Leo Records)

Jen Shyu
Song of the Silver Geese (Pi Recordings)

David Stackenäs
Bricks (Clean Feed Records)

Mat Maneri
Sounding Tears (Clean Feed Records)

Wingfield – Reuter – Sirkis
Lighthouse (MoonJune Records)

Albert Ayler
Copenhagen Live 1964 (Hatology)

Dave Rempis
Lattice (Aerophonic Records)

Bobby Zankel
Celebrating William Parker at 65 (Not Two Records)

Die Enttäuschung
Lavaman (Intakt Records)

Mary Halvorson
Paimon: Book of Angels Volume 32 (Tzadik)

Multiple Artists
The Possibilities of Percussion: Yarn/Wire & ensemble, et. al