New pfMENTUM Releases

Source: pfMENTUM.

KaiBorg: Vibrant Matters
Jeff Kaiser: quartertone trumpet and live computer processing
David Borgo: soprano saxophone, dudukophone, raj nplaim, double duct flute, skatchbox, chromatic tambin, futujara, and live computer processing

Vinny Golia: Syncquistic Linear Expositions and their Geopolitical Outcomes (…we are all still here…)
Vinny Golia: Sopranino, Bb and G Soprano, Baritone Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Kwala, Gongs, and Kayzee • Steve Adams: Alto Saxophone • Ken Filiano: Acoustic Bass and Pedals • Tina Raymond: Drums

Trumpets and Basses: Sanctuary
Trumpets: Danny Gouker, Jake Henry, Kenny Warren
Basses: Adam Hopkins, Will McEvoy, Zach Swanson
Adam Hopkins of Trumpets & Basses AND Party Pack

Joshua Gerowitz: Solano Canyon
Stunning new release from pfMENTUM pfirst timer Joshua Gerowitz!
Joshua Gerowitz (guitar), Louis Lopez (trumpet), Colin Woodford (drums), Jake Rosenzweig (bass), Carmina Escobar (voice), Joe Santa Maria (saxophones), David Tranchina (bass)