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American composer Terry Riley Interview at Lin...

Source: Avant Scena.

Jonas Howden Sjovaag – “West Wind Drift” (Shipwreckords, 2017)

Polyorchard – “Red October” (Out And Gone Music, 2017)

Sarah Cahill – “Eighty Trips Around the Sun: Music by and for Terry Riley” (Irritable Hedgehog Music, 2017)

Nakama – “Worst Generation” (Nakama Records, 2017)

Vinny Golia – “Syncquistic Linear Explorations and their Geopolitical Outcomes (​.​.​.​we are all still here)” (SR, 2017)

Mars Williams – “Mars Williams Presents: An Ayler Xmas” (Soulwhat Records, 2017)

Ensemble Offspring – “Offspring Bites 1” (SR, 2017)