New World Records Releases

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...

Source: New World Records.

Black Manhattan, Vol. 3
Composer(s): C. Luckeyth “Luckey” Roberts, Eubie Blake, Frederick M. Bryan, Sidney Perrin, Clarence Cameron White, J. Turner Layton, Scott Joplin, James A. Bland, Augustus L. Davis, J. Leubrie Hill, Clarence Williams, Spencer Williams, Tom Lemonier, Will H. Dixon, Clarence G. Wilson, Q. Roscoe Snowden, Al. Johns, J. Rosamond Johnson, James Weldon Johnson

Julius Eastman: The Zürich Concert
Composer(s): Julius Eastman
The composer is therefore enjoined to accomplish the following: she must establish himself as a major instrumentalist, he must not wait upon a descending being, and she must become an interpreter, not only of her own music and career, but also the music of her contemporaries, and give a fresh new view of the known and unknown classics.

Lisa Mezzacappa: Glorious Ravage
Composer(s): Lisa Mezzacappa
Fay Victor, voice; Nicole Mitchell, flute; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe and English horn; Vinny Golia, alto flute, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet, contralto clarinet, bass saxophone; Cory Wright, B-flat clarinet, tenor saxophone; Darren Johnston, trumpet; Michael Dessen, trombone; Dina Maccabee, viola, violin; John Finkbeiner, electric guitar; Mark Dresser, acoustic bass; Lisa Mezzacappa, acoustic bass, conductor; Myra Melford, …

Harry Partch: And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma
Composer(s): Harry Partch