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Saturday, Dec. 2: NOW! (Alex Harding, Vincent Chandler, Leonard King, Rocco Popielarski)
The return of heavyweight baritone saxophonist Alex Harding to his hometown of Detroit has been a great boost for creative music in the city. Harding’s newest group, Now!, features veteran Detroit jazz greats Vincent Chandler on Trombone and Leonard King on drums. The quartet is rounded out by up-and-coming bassist Rocco Popielarski.

Wednesday, Dec.6: Nels Cline/Gerald Cleaver/Larry Oches Trio.
This incredible trio was created by Detroit native and internationally acclaimed percussionist Gerald Cleaver, in collaboration with Larry Ochs, founder of the legendary Rova Saxophone Quartet. With the addition of experimental guitar icon Nels Cline (who belatedly became a pop-guitar icon by joining Wilco), the trio’s lineup was completed in 2015.

12/8: Shells record release show with Bonny Doon, Kathy Leisen (solo)

12/9: James Cornish/Joel Peterson/Abby Alwin,/Sara Grosky Quartet, Betsy Soukup/Ben Willis Duo

12/13: Bitchin’ Bahas

12/21: Matsunoto/Behnke Duo

12/23: Polyfold