Steve Roach and Brian Eno Nominated for Grammys

English: Portrait image of Steve Roach at Soun...

Source: Echoes. Yeah, I know, Grammys are artistically limited if not irrelevant. But as John Dilberto writes, anything that brings unconventional music out into the light can’t be such a bad thing.

The Grammy Award nominee announcement which came today is never without surprises, often in the WTF variety, but this year, the New Age Grammy’s are a trove of surprises, most notably, Steve Roach’s Spiral Revelation. Roach has been recording since the early 1980s, he’s approaching 200 releases, and he’s one of the first names mentioned in certain areas of electronic music. But he’s never been nominated for a Grammy award. But this year, through some quirk of coincidence, talent, artistry and persistence, he’s broken in with Spiral Revelation, a quintessential example of Roach’s sequencer driven oeuvre.