Robert Rich Interview

Via Inside the Rift.

For those of you unfamiliar with Robert Rich, he was a fan and student of the synthesizer based drone and ambient music coming out of Europe during the 70s popularized by an outfit called the Berlin School. Their works quickly began to turn heads and laid the foundation for much of the electronica we consume today.

Robert began to receive acclaim during the 80s with his earthy, almost shamanic take on the traditionally spacey textures being produced by his contemporaries during this time.

Before long, he revolutionized the concert experience when he began giving performances to sleeping audiences across the globe. These displays (commonly referred to as Sleep Concerts) ultimately led to the creation of Somnium, a seminal release with almost 7 hours of content. Although it’s been over fifteen years since it’s release and Robert has had no shortage of albums, this one still makes the rounds in conversations about some of the genre’s most ambitious projects. There is always an outpouring of dedicated individuals who look forward to participating in his brand of Sonic Surrealism.