New Releases from Zeromoon

Via Zeromoon.

J. Surak – Skull Fracking [zero182]
Unyielding electronic drilling paired with lofi arrangements for autoharp and tapes.

Julie Rousse – First There Was Only Waves [zero181]
JULIE ROUSSE (1979) lives and works in Paris //
Sound artist, improviser performer and electroacoustic composer.
Her work is diverse and expressed through many different projects : live performances, electroacoustic composition, sound installations, music scores for film, dance and video art. Before all she is a nomad phonographer, a noise lover and live performer She has played in many different venues and festivals around the world – from Afghanistan to Chile. This piece is a Live Show recorded by the sound engineer in the Cité des Arts de Chambéry (France) in the fall 2017. Working with field recordings from around the planet and electromagnetic noise captured onsite, it depicts an abstract journey between waves – from space to earth.

Gary Rouzer and Sarah O’Halloran – Only the Eyes Only Just [zero172]
Sarah and Gary met in September 2013. Both were members of Gino Robair’s ensemble for the performance of his original opera, I Norton, at the Kennedy Center Millennium Stage in Washington DC. In January 2015 Gary asked Sarah to record a reading of Ping by Samuel Beckett to use for his upcoming May 2015 solo set. Afterwards they decided to work together on a release. The live recording from May 2015 was used in the construction of track 3.

Girls on Tape – At Home [zero180]
Girls on Tape is a collaborative moment that is hurled into existence by Jeff Surak and Rinus Van Alebeek. The duo provides sounds of various lo-fi origins as a frame for a show that opens up for elements of surprise, that will fill in the empty spaces. Anything can happen as soon as Pandora’s sonic box will be opened.
Rinus Van Alebeek: walkmen, voice, acoustic laptop
Jeff Surak: walkmen, sampler, lentil crisps
Available as a limited edition cassette and digital download.