Thurston Moore’s Guide to Musical Improvisation

English: At Sonic Youth at Roskilde Festival 2005

Via AnotherMan.

Thurston Moore spins a hundred plates at once. At 59, the Sonic Youth icon and bonafide guitar hero boasts more credits than an animated blockbuster’s CGI team – from co-writes and side-projects, to solo albums and improv work, his name’s appeared alongside Yoko Ono and R.E.M., on Gossip Girl soundtracks and anti-fascism concert line-ups, and as part of black metal groups and free-jazz ensembles, often at the same time. More recently, he played a role in the reunion of cult experimental group This Heat, shortly after assembling a band of his own, which features My Bloody Valentine’s Debbie Googe, Sonic Youth’s Steve Shelley and guitar-wizard-for-hire James Sedwards.