Heterodyne, Dan Gutstein, Sarah Hughes, Doug Kallmeyer, Leah Gage, Boat Burning, and Time is Fire in DC on December 1 

Heterodyne, with spoken word artist Dan Gutstein, saxophonist Sarah Hughes, bassist Doug Kallmeyer and drummer Leah Gage appears with Boat Burning and Time is Fire on December 1 at VisArts, which is located at 155 Gibbs St #300, Rockville MD.  It starts at 9:00; admission is $10 and all ages are welcome.

This event is part of VisArts’ In(Site) Project Series, which places contemporary art, music, and performance art in non-traditional spaces and venues. VisArts encourages active looking, sociability, interaction, and encounters with art and music in architectural spaces often considered “pass throughs” (hallways, atriums, lobbies, and windows). The In(Site) Project Series aims to feature artists and performers working in a variety of modes, media, and platforms.

HETERODYNE:  an improvisational collaboration between Ted Zook and Maria Shesiuk, sometimes joined by other musical improvisers including Bob Boilen (ARP synth),  Patrick Whitehead (quarter-tone flügelhorn and trumpet), Doug Kallmeyer (bass and electronics), Jerry Busher (drums), Sarah Hughes (saxophone) and Leah Gage (drums).

Maria Shesiuk is an experimental improviser from Baltimore. She uses vintage Casio keyboards manipulated through various effects for live experimental music improvisations. Recently she also started composing electronic music using Moog synthesizers, manipulated vocals, and field recordings.
Ted Zook is primarily a nylon-string guitarist; however, in live performances he more commonly plays an NS Design Omni Bass, set up as a basscello, through digital signal processors.  He has frequently performed at the Sonic Circuits Festival in DC.
BOAT BURNING:  Melding elements of classical music and punk, the DC-based experimental rock collective BOAT BURNING explores ‘maximal minimalism,’ an intricate hybrid of composition and improvisation for massed-electric guitars where elemental passages played by a multitude of instruments produce shimmering towers of densely-stacked harmonics. The result is powerful, majestic music that combines the wide-screen, panoramic sweep of classical with the sheer physical thrall of punk.
TIME IS FIRE indirectly originates from the DC punk scene by influence and residence but explodes the signature sound of the nation’s capital with a high-energy mix of Afro-disco, Mid Eastern-psychedelia and spaced-out dub. Their music transcends mainstream influences, incorporating strong global and experimental-fusion elements into their often psychedelic and funk-inflected sound. A static blast of experimental radio from an imaginary country!