A Walk Through Buckethead’s Massive Bandcamp Catalogue

English: Buckethead in concert at Neumos in Se...

Via Bandcamp Daily.

Buckethead has one of the most unique careers—and personas—in the history of rock music. Over the course of the last 25 years, the enigmatic guitarist has operated in paradox, working with high-profile names like Guns N’ Roses, Bootsy Collins, and Serj Tankian, while still managing to maintain a shadowy aura. But for all of his marquee collaborations, Buckethead’s true magic lies in his solo performances, where he decorates the stage with small statues and plays scenes from Japanese animated videos behind him.

He also flat-out shreds on the guitar, peeling off licks while wearing a Michael Myers mask and an upside-down KFC chicken bucket labeled “funeral.” At every show, there’s an intermission where the 6’6” guitarist demonstrates his skill with nunchucks, and passes out toys to the crowd. He generally follows that by playing the theme songs for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Star Wars.

In addition to his already storied career, Buckethead has constructed his own imaginary theme park, called Bucketheadland, in Claremont, California. His debut album of the same name provided a virtual walking tour of the park during its “construction.” Fast forward to today, where not only is his fictitious park “up and functioning,” he’s added 272 kiosks that each carry an album, according to his website. In other words, since 2011, Buckethead has released a whopping 272 “real” albums for his made-up theme park.