Losoncy, Kilymis and DSC in Bristol, UK

Via Bang the Bore.

Sound Cupboard & Bang the Bore present…

Domestic Sound Cupboard (house band)

Wednesdsay 29th November 2017

Gabi Losoncy is a young woman from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who makes various decisions with outer consequences based on how she feels, and to the end of expressing how she feels. Generally working in unlayered, linear audio since her time as a member of Good Area, she expands her practice on a case-by-case basis, making great effort not to do anything unnecessary. She has released and has relationships with Alien Passengers, c a d u c., Impulsive Habitat, Recital, and Kye, and has a book, Second Person, forthcoming from Philip Best’s new Amphetamine Sulphate imprint.

Kostis Kilymis is a Greek-born artist based in Bristol. He performs electronic and noise music based on live synthesis, rhythm and found sound. His work focuses on immersive environments, feedback systems and the notion of representation. He has been an improviser, performer and collaborator – his encounters including Lucio Capece, Nikos Veliotis, Greg Pope, Leif Elggren, Sarah Hughes, Stephen Cornford and Phil Julian amongst others. He has toured extensively throughout Europe and has published works on labels such as Rekem, I Dischi del Barone and Strange Rules.

Domestic Sound Cupboard are a collective of musicians who improvise. They comprise a number of instrumental and vocal musicians, as well as real-time live sound manipulation musicians. They create electro-acoustic improvised music with hints of jazz, drone, noise, ambient, musique concrète, art punk, electronica, etc. They host a monthly night of experimental and improvised music at The Crofters Rights in Bristol, usually on the last Wednesday of each month – The Sound Cupboard. They record many of their performances, and they can be listened to here: