Claire Chase Presents Selections from Density 2036 in Berkeley


Cal Performances presents
Selections from Density 2036 (West Coast Premiere)
Saturday, December 2
4:30pm & 7:30pm
BAMPFA, Berkeley

Claire Chase, flutes
Tyshawn Sorey, percussion in Bertha’s Lair
Pauchi Sasaki, violin and vocals in Gama XV: Piece for Two Speaker Dresses
Levy Lorenzo, sound design and live electronics

Density 2036: Part I (Prelude)
Density 2036: Part I (Prelude) is dedicated to Fred Anderson.

Steve Reich: Vermont Counterpoint for flute and pre-recorded flutes (1982)
Marcos Balter: Pessoa for six bass flutes(2013)
Alvin Lucier: Almost New York for five flutes and oscillators (2002)
Philip Glass: Piece in the Shape of a Square for two flutes (1967)
Mario Diaz de León: Luciform for flute and electronics (2013)
Edgard Varèse: Density 21.5 for solo flute (1936)

Density 2036: Part II (2014)*
Density 2036: Part II (2014) is dedicated to Elise Mann.

Felipe Lara: Meditation and Calligraphy for bass flute (2014)
Felipe Lara: Parábolas na Caverna for amplified flute (2013–14)
George Lewis: Emergent for flute and electronics (2014)
Matthias Pintscher: Beyond (A System of Passing) (2013–14)
Du Yun: An Empty Garlic for bass flute and electronics (2014)

Density 2036: Part III (2015)*
Density 2036: Part III (2015) is dedicated to Steven Schick.

Dai Fujikura: Lila for flute, bass flute, and contrabass flute (2015)
Francesca Verunelli: The Famous Box Trick for bass flute and electronics (2015)
Nathan Davis: Limn for bass flute, contrabass flute, and electronics (2015)
Jason Eckardt: The Silenced a monodrama for solo flute (2015)
Pauline Oliveros: Intensity 20.15: Grace Chase For Claire and the Expanded Instrument System (EIS) (2015)

Density 2036: Part IV (2016)
Density 2036: Part IV (2016) is dedicated to the loving memory of Pauline Oliveros (1932–2016).

Edgard Varèse: Density 21.5 (1936), with a movement score (2016) by Julie Beauvais, version one
Suzanne Farrin: The Stimulus of Loss for glissando headjoint and ondes Martenot (2016)
Tyshawn Sorey: Bertha’s Lair for contrabass flute and drums (2016, Bay Area Premiere)
Vijay Iyer: Five Empty Chambers for tape (2016)
Pauchi Sasaki: Gama XV: Piece for Two Speaker Dresses for flute, violin, electronic live processing, two vocals, and two speaker dresses (2016)

Density 2036: Part V (2017)

Marcos Balter: concert preview of Pan for solo flute, electronics, and an ensemble of community members (2017)