Nakatani Gong Orchestra in Orlando, November 18

Via thecm5.

Saturday, November 18th, 2017
Timucua Arts Foundation, Gallery at Avalon Island and The Civic Minded 5 present
Nakatani Gong Orchestra
Gallery at Avalon Island
39 S. Magnolia Ave, Orlando
7:00 pm doors, 7:30 concert

Look over our concert history and Tatsuya Nakatani becomes closest the cm5 has to a visiting relative returning as the Fall breaks and back to Winter transpires. Almost to the day last year, the percussionist brought electric guitar legend Makoto Kawabata along for his holiday concert. Nakatani’s events are storytelling and ritual for stone-silent audiences. He is creative, improvised music’s Duke Ellington meets Black Flag roadhog. Those neo-ubiquitous crews appeared in your town and everyone else’s, too. Ellington had the custom railroad sleeping car for his orchestra. Black Flag had Get In The Van. Tatsuya has his meridian-hopping Dodge Sprinter complete with a sleeper rack and a kitchen capable of inspiring a Food Network series. The percussionist brings Premier League improvising music to places on and off the new music grid. Like Ellington and Black Flag, the touring goes on for contiguous months by doing it all. One night in the week, it’s the Kennedy Center. Days later, it’s the Bug Tussle Center for Rheumatis Research or some such cultural psychic center. The Nakatani Sprinter van also has the potential to off-load gongs/bows/mallets to create a workshopping orchestra in your town. Fourteen of your friends and neighbors undergo a gong orchestra workshop and deliver a transductive sound bath to all. Bring pillows, blankets, Ashtanga yoga primary positions, etc.