Avant Scena Reviews

Via Avant Scena.

Kyle Motl Trio w/ Kjell Nordeson & Tobin Chodos – “Panjandrums” (2017)

Chris Cundy and Benedict Taylor – “Hidden Bomba” (Linear Obsessional Records, 2017)

Borderlands Trio – “Asteroidea” (Intakt Records, 2017)

Rent Romus|Gerard Cox|Hasan Abdur-Razzaq|John Philip Allen|Steve Simula|Caleb Miller|James Cornish – “Deciduous / Midwestern Edition Vol. 1” (Edgetone Records, 2017)

Riverside Winds/Maria Jette/Trudy Anderson/Kathy Klenzie/Merilee Klemp/ Jim Jacobson/ Sonja Thompson – “Eric Stokes – The Lyrical Pickpocket” (Innova, 2017)

Jeroen Elfferich – “Zero” (Arabesque Recordings, 2017)

Mostly Other People Do The Killing – “Paint” (Hot Cup Records, 2017)


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